Client Testimonials


“Dearest Asia…. I’ve been so incredibly busy since the day you sent our wedding gallery across so I apologise that this message (I.e. my reaction) is somewhat belated….but OH MY!!!- I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love again! ????????

Every spare moment I’ve had in the last few days I was sneaking looks at our gallery. I am completely enamoured with every single photo you took. You captured all the fun our dearest had and the essence of us as a couple beautifully. I can’t thank you enough. Truly. Apart from marrying my favourite person, these photographs are the best thing to come out of our day.

Our favourite shots were ones of us laughing with one another during our photoshoot and the images of our siblings and closest friends at the entrance playing the game! I wasn’t there for that part but when I look at everyone’s faces- it tells the most fun story and I feel joy in my heart!

Our family and friends had so much praise for you. Not for the end result (not everyone has seen those yet) but for the way you held it together that day; the direction you gave, the patience you had. “Your photographer knows what she’s doing” is what I heard from many that day. And it wasn’t a comment that surprised me. From the first time we spoke I knew you were the kind of woman and artist I wanted and needed- that I wouldn’t have to worry, that I could relax with you around- not something that comes naturally to me- but you made it so easy. You were part of some of my fondest memories that day (car trip & deer poo- need I say more?).

Normally I’m better with words, but the only thing I think will really express my feelings for the everlasting memories that your passion and talent created for us, is to give you a great big massive hug when I next see you!

Love you Asia. You Queen! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Shubra & Farhaz
Aziz_asiaburrill2017 (1 of 1)

I am most probably the fussiest person when it comes to photos. If there’s one thing I was worried about during my wedding preps was picking the right photographer! My wedding was abroad in Tunisia July 2017. Asia came all the way to Tunisia and photographed 4 functions and 2 couple photo shoots. Words can not even explain how talented she is. Asia will go the extra mile to capture shots whether it’s standing on chairs, lying flat on the floor or being awkwardly squished by Tunisian aunties. I had tears in my eyes when I received the photos. There wasn’t a moment she didn’t capture. As well as this she’s now become a dear friend and was a massive support in the wedding stresses. She would come and calm me down whenever I got stressed in between functions. Her number one priority is to make the bride happy and comfortable and what more could a bride want on her special day. I am having a London registry and reception at the end of December 2017 and have asked Asia to be my photographer. Hand on heart I would have changed the dates of my functions just so Asia can be there! I have forever booked Asia now for future pregnancy photo shoot, baby shower and my siblings weddings – that’s how talented she is ????????????????????????

Tasneem & Bechir 2017
Asia! It’s been a few days since you sent the full wedding gallery – and I won’t even hesitate to admit that I’ve looked at the photos every! single! day!
My husband, family and friends are all in awe, I quote one family member saying “not a single photo is bad” (a big statement
from an Asian family I hope you realise!!) – and that’s exactly why I chose you!
Whilst most brides are fussy about makeup or their dress, my biggest concern was my photographer – someone who would capture the beauty of the day and immortalise it forever. I knew you would be my wedding photographer from the moment I came across your profile – the finesse and elegance of your portraits are unparalleled. Your style is clean, crisp and classy with no unnecessary dramatisation, and that’s exactly what I wanted.
What’s more is the confidence you instilled in me the first time we spoke. Having spoken to many photographers, none struck me like you did. You were so pleasant to speak to, a patient listener with a willingness to mould yourself around my arrangements and wishes without restricting me in any frustrating way. I specifically remember when you described your style as “a fly on the wall” – I immediately knew I could sit back and trust you to be in the right place at the right time.
On the day itself, you were a friend as well as a photographer! You were funny and relaxed and oh so interesting to talk to! Hand on heart I can say that I had no problems with you on the day, and any bride would be so thankful for one less worry!
Now I’ve received the gallery, I’ve smiled so much after seeing how you’ve captured the beautiful interactions and antics of our guests that we couldn’t witness ourselves. Our couple shoot is so much more magical and ethereal than I ever imagined.
I pray you go from strength to strength in your career, you are truly a lovely soul and a talented professional. Thank you ever so much for being THE best wedding photographer on planet Earth.
Fatima & Zain

hank you so much for being our photographer on our special day. You captured every aspect and emotion of our dream day. You made us feel so relaxed and helped make the day run smoothly. We are finding it so difficult to decide which photos we want in the album, as they’re all so wonderful. Thank you for everything Asia. We are truly grateful. Can’t wait to see the finished album!! With Love, Latifah & Sahir

Latifah & Sahir

Asia Burrill deserves an award named The Best Photographer in the world! When I first saw her wedding photography I was amazed and needed to book her instant! Asia, you were so patient and amazing with your skills! Coming from the same career background as you has really made me want to gain experience from you. The photos are incredibly amazing! I can’t even stop looking at them and they are just exactly how I wanted them. The details … literally every single little thing you can think of you captured, and its exactly what I love. The communication between us was very easy and friendly. I loved my experience with Asia and she is definitely number one with capturing details creatively! Thank you ever so much!! I can’t describe how thankful I am❤. Sara and Baha

Sara & Baha

„We finally got round to looking through the pictures last night. You have done an amazing job, we love every single one!! I can’t stop looking at them.

We can’t thank you enough for capturing our special day so well, we couldn’t have chosen anyone better.
I knew from the day that our wedding date got set that I had to choose you as our photographer! I know how crazy and unorganized Asian weddings can be but you controlled everything on the day.
Hugeee thank you again! ????

You probably saw how big my family was so we have a heck of a lot of weddings yet to come, we will definitely be using you again in the future.” Tahmin&Khalid

Tahmin & Khalid


Sorry for the late reply! As soon as you sent the link, we were too excited I couldn’t email you back but just to stare at all the pictures over and over again!

We were absolutely speechless and you have DEFINITELY made it extremely hard for us to pick our favourites from the whole gallery!

Honestly, I’ve been looking at it from the time you sent me the link and I can’t fault one picture at all, they are beautiful to look at. You have done such an amazing, outstanding job, I have no other words!!

Whilst looking at the pictures we felt as though we were re-living the whole moment again and made us want to do re-do it just for the fact that you took such fabulous photos. We don’t know how much to thank you, you deserve much more!

Thank you for bringing such big smiles on to our faces and we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From, Farah, Yasin & the whole family! xx”

Farah & Yasin

“ASIA I LOVVVVVEEEEEE MY PICTURES. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. You captured everything so well. Honestly, I’m so happy I had you for my big day. You made everything so calm and mellow. Thank you so much for making it amazing for me. I can’t thank you enough.” 

Aisha & Ashrad

“To my beautiful Asia, where to begin? In you, I not only found an impeccable photographer, but most importantly , a friend, a soul sister and new member of family. You are loved by everyone and especially my parents. You didn’t only make my wedding perfect with your dedication during your job but you stood by me like a real friend would…the level of care you showed me is truly overwhelming and it has took ma whole week to sit down and do this because I just wanted to put all my 100 feelings into the nicest words towards you. Through this journey oh me getting married I met a real Queen! The way you ran after me, where kind enough to bring me coffee, were so respectful to the Mosque during my Nikah and my parents throughout the entire events. My heart melts for you honey and I hope one day I am this much of a help to you. Forever in debt to you my sweetheart, please, please keep in touch and beautiful and bouncy ball you are. Forever your beezer, Ally!

Aliyah & Shams

“Hey Asia , I would just like to say a big, massive Thankyou for my professional photos on my Wedding Day and my Mehndi Day as it is now a memory that will always remain with me forever. You did an absolutely amazing job on them. I love every single photo you have taken…every little details you have taken ❤️❤️❤️ lots of compliments I have received were immense from friends and family. Also I have passed your contact number to few of my friends/ family as they have asked for. Just wanted to tell you are so so so amazing at what you do. Best decision I made was to book you on my big day as soon as my wedding date was fixed. I have always admired you’re work Asia I would like to say Big thanks to you you’re so talented I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’re a lovely person, love your personality hope to bump in to you one day again. Once again lots of love and prayers from me to you ….2018/2019
Brides get booking, Asiaburrilweddings is the best photographer and trust me guys you will not be disappointed for sure she’s amazing 
Lots of love from Fatima xxx

Fatima & Moya

“WOW!!!!! Asia Burrill you are seriously just the best! Thank you so much for being my photographer I cant recommend you enough you’re just incredible and you made me feel like a super star all day! We love you and everyone is just in love with these pictures ❤️❤️❤️ thank you sooooo much for capturing my day I will treasure these pictures forever xxxx”

Sophie & William

Omg I’m loving the sneak peaks you’ve sent, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thank you so much for capturing my day! Your work is so beautiful and always tells the story of the day so well.

-after receiving gallery-

Asia, I just wanted to say we absolutely love the pictures! I can’t stop looking at them! You have an amazing eye for detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you, soooo much for capturing our day. I can’t wait to get them printed! Just want to blow them up and put them in frames all over our house!

Fahima and Rizwan

“The photos are amazing, you captured lifetime images you have pure talent and I’m so blessed to have had you for the day. The pictures are making me re-live the whole day, I’ve been staring at them for two hours. I can’t thank you enough for them. You made everything look beautiful.
Can’t thank you enough again. Made the wedding soo worthwhile” Aisha&Abdi 2017

Aisha & Abdi
NawalFez_asiaburrill2017 (1 of 1)-15
Ah Asia ! We were soo excited to receive our pictures and they came out PERFECT!!!You made both of us feel so much at ease, we were absolutely delighted with our choice..we couldn’t have had a better photographer. We keep looking at the pictures any chance we get lol! They are so beautiful and so are you..thank you so much..we will definitely book you again with no hesitation at all!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Lots of love, Fezan and Nawal
Nawal & Fezan
AaliyahShah_asiaburrill2017 (187 of 385)
“I just want to say thank you so much for your hard work on my wedding day, I couldn’t have asked for anyone more perfect!
You have handled everything so smoothly and professionally. Also captured beautiful shots of the day…
I am so happy I found you and will definitely recommend you…thank you again.”
Aaliyah & Shah
“Thank you for capturing our wedding day so perfectly, every single photo is beautiful, love how you captured all the details and special moments. I honestly felt like I had asked my friend to cover the photography for the day; you were so friendly and helped us feel more comfortable amidst all the wedding nerves! Could not have chosen a better photographer ????
Saima & Qamar

Asia is a dream photographer.  I first came across her when she did my friend’s wedding photos about 4 years ago, and when I saw how her photos turned out I knew I had to have Asia for my wedding!  She was easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable, it’s like taking photos with a friend.  I booked her for my Mehndi and Baraat day and my only regret is that we didn’t book her for the Walima too!  We got our final photos quicker then expected and they’re so much more than I could have hoped for. Her attention to detail is spot on and you can guarantee she will catch all the small bits and pieces you’ve gone to the effort of preparing for your big day. Our family and friends love her, and since our wedding in 2015, we’ve bumped into her at numerous friends and families weddings. She is definitely the best around.

Ayesha and Saqib
MaddiahHamza_asiaburrill2017 (1 of 1)-2

Asia has such a warm and bubbly personality which put myself, Sufyan and our guests at ease and helped achieve those natural shots I was after. We all love the shots you captured of our special day. I couldn’t have imagined choosing anyone else for our special day!

Nazia & Sufyan

Hi Asia, I’ve just finished looking at our photos… they’re absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Thank you for capturing the most important days of our wedding so beautifully. I couldn’t have imagined such beautiful pictures. Thank you Asia, for everything. Your work is inspiring. It truly is a joy to go through the photos, which I’m sure I’ll never tire of looking at.

Arfa & Irfan 2016

Hey Asia, I’ve just had the opportunity to look through our photos and I couldn’t be more pleased. The detail and composition are incredible, and despite the very little time we had, you’ve created some truly stunning images. I want to thank you for your excellent work and have absolutely no reservations in recommending you to all my friends. Thank you.

Fatima & Ibrahim

Asia was so great to work with. I first found her on social media and she’s captured wedding moments so beautifully. When I enquired about my wedding she was so open and kind! Working with Asia was so great and she is so very professional. She made us feel so special on our big day.

Thank you for making our big day that much more special. Upon viewing the photos she took she really did capture the best moments.

Manal & Amir

Asia, these are so lovely! We just went through them all. Thank you so much, you were amazing on the day and I’ll definitely recommend you to friends & family for their weddings. You made everyone feel so comfortable and the pictures are incredible, Thank you again.

Melissa & Saba

I would wholeheartedly recommend Asia for wedding photography. Asia is efficient as well as delivering the most beautiful photos. She was a joy to have around and managed to solve any little problem that may arise. She delivers Vogue quality shots and thoroughly understands every detail of Asian weddings and captures them with beauty and elegance.I have had numerous friends and family ask me about my wedding photos and all I can say: she is a magician! Thank you for capturing our precious moments.

Sana & Wasim

Asia, I just want to say the pictures are absolutely incredible!!! Thank you SO SO SO much for capturing the day so perfectly! We love every single one of them ! It really was like reliving the whole day again. People told us we didn’t stop smiling and laughing all day and we can see every single detail of the day in your pictures! In all honesty, I can say nothing went a miss . Everyone loved the teasers on Instagram too! I can’t wait to show them the whole album. P.s choosing the pictures is proving to be one of life’s greatest missions , you really have worked your magic and surpassed our expectations ! We really are in awe of them all and can’t thank you enough for going over and beyond.
Thank you again.

Fatimah & Minhaz

What can I say about you Asia, you are an inspiration. You are the most down-to-earth with the most wonderful soul. You always melt my heart every time I see you!

I first came across Asia’s Instagram over a year ago and I fell in love with her work. We have become dear friends ever since. I am a photographer myself so I know quality when I see it and when my engagement date was confirmed, I could not imagine anybody else but her to photograph my special day. The photos she took on the day turned out just beautiful, something we will cherish for years. I always recommend Asia to clients I cannot cover myself. Much love Asia.


Thought it was finally time to send this e-mail. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything. You really took onboard what we wanted in a photographer for our day, someone to just capture the real moments throughout the day as they ocurred. We loved that you just got on with whatever you thought would be best around us, without being intrusive to ourselves or our guests who we wanted to just enjoy themselves without having a camera forced in their faces. You made us feel so comfortable especially because neither of us are “photo people”! The pictures were all so beautiful, we couldn’t be happier with them-my favourites are definitly the black and white ones. We are so grateful for the effort you put into capturing the day, details, family and friends in the way that truly represented what we wanted and will never get bored of looking back at the pictures for years to come. We can’t recommend you enough and wish you all the best in the future. Thank you once again!

Fatimah & Riyaz

Couldn’t have asked for a better photographer then Asia, I knew I wanted you to capture my big day even before I met my husband!
You have captured our Nikkah day so perfectly we could not have asked for more from you. You have been amazing and so friendly. The pictures you have captured are truly amazing and beautiful, you have captured every smile, every giggle and every emotion so perfectly.
I look back at my pictures and relive the moment I got married and thank you for capturing it all and not missing a single moment! You truly are amazing and I will continue to recommend you to everyone.

Amina & Luqmaan

Asia you are AMAZING! From the moment I first contacted you, you have been nothing but kind, helpful, open, and honest. On the day of the wedding we were a bit nervous about all the pictures but you made both of us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and worked your magic. You were so patient with us and it really meant a lot! We were so excited to see all the pictures.. especially after the few sneak peaks you had sent us.. and we were blown away!!! Thank you so much for being a part of our day and capturing our memories in such a beautiful way. I cannot recommend you enough.. and I wish you all the very best in the future xxxx

Raissa and Usuf

Asia is an incredible photographer with the most fun personality and we can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful photos from our wedding day. Going through the photos and reliving the beautiful moments was so heart warming and to make it even better the way you captured these moments is so so so phenomenal! We’re so glad we chose you as our photographer, you’re a pleasure to work with and can’t recommend you enough.

Ismahan & Abdi

By a very lucky recommendation i was fortunate enough to have booked Asia for all my January wedding functions and she really did not disappoint. Not only is she a very talented photographer (and a very deserved winner of best asian photographer), she is an incredibly lovely person and was a pleasure to have around throughout my wedding. Asia made my husband and I feel so comfortable during our shoots with her fun humour and all my family and friends raved about how great she was and how experienced she was with asian weddings. I also had an incident on my civil ceremony with my hair stylist arriving very late and i was in such a panic as i thought i may be too late for my own ceremony. I was almost in tears and not only did she calm me down but even buttoned up my white wedding dress (there were a zillion buttons) and helped me with the final touches so i could make it on time. I will never forget her calming influence and willingness to help out of the goodness of her heart. Asia Burrill is a beautiful person inside and out and her photography is not just a job but it is her art, passion and she puts her heart and soul into what she does. I am so glad i booked her and i wish her every bit of success as she truly deserves it. Keep doing what you’re doing! Lots of Love, Kinza and Nadir xxx

Kinza and Nadir

One of the best decisions I made about my wedding was by far my photographer! Asia is not only extremely talented in capturing the special moments, in such a great style but, her amazing personality, passion and gentle nature are what makes working with her so effortless. It’s been almost a year since I got married & I am now choosing my photographs for my album- what detail she has managed to capture- it makes me want to relive my entire wedding experience- Well done Asia! You are one talented photographer, wishing you all the best for the future.

Halima & Zahid

“Hey Beaut! Hope you are doing fabulously and now finally I can sit down and message you…
I wanted to send you a little message to say the biggest thank you ever for being so lovely during the entire process of my day! You were so sweet from the start & were an even bigger babe during the entire function… you made us both feel so comfortable & were so chilled around my family – Everyone loved you!
So excited to see the pics & a massive thank you again hun.
Aliyah xxxxx
OH MY GOD! I can’t stop smiling Asia, honestly over the moon and I expected nothing less ❤️❤️❤️

Aliyah & Shah

“Morning Asia…I hope you are well. Myself and Imran have had a chance to look at the pictures and wow! They look absolutely amazing!! I didn’t think I would have loved them as much as I do ????????Thank you so much for capturing my wedding day in such a beautiful way ????????

Mariam & Imran

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, you captured our perfect day so beautifully! Our photographs will be treasured for eternity, they are incredible! Thank you so very much for making James and I, and our guests feel so relaxed, this is clear to see from the photographs. I have had many compliments on our wedding album, it’s been compared to a wedding catalogue. For me, it’s priceless, I simply can’t thank you enough! Carole and James xx

Carole & James